Monday, November 2, 2009

Learning to Love Drool

I was never a dog person. Growing up, I liked dogs just fine, but I preferred cats. Cats don't have that "dog" smell, they don't drool, they don't need to be walked, and they're largely independent. When I was about 12, I begged for a dog. I that classic image in my mind that I would get a dog and it would be my best friend. The reality was I had the attention span of a gnat and while Nick was an awesome dog, I just wasn't a dog person. Luckily, Nick got lots of love and attention from Dad, who treated him as the son he never had. ;)

I've always had cats. There have been very few years without a cat in my life. (Turns out, when I was given up for adoption, I was replaced with the gift of a cat from my birth-mom's sister) And my two current cats, Claudio (aka Boo) and Hero (aka B**** Cat) are very loved, adored, spoiled, and well fed. They have been my replacement children for the last 6 years years. Their presence had solidified my identity as a "Crazy Cat Lady."

And then we got Jack, and suddenly I became a Dog Person too. Jack is our sweet, lovable, cuddly Black Lab & Pit mix. He's both the strangest Lab we've ever known (doesn't know how to fetch, dislikes water) and the wimpiest Pit we've ever known (hides behind my legs when startled by neighbors on our walks, during thunder, at car horns, at video games, etc). He's great with Hero and Claudio (he and Claudio are buddies), and is gentle with my young nieces. He's been such a joy.

Ya know what they say about potato chips and being able to have just one? Apparently, Labs are the same way. So this past Saturday we brought home a Chocolate Lab mix we've re-named "Morgan." She's a sweetie, but very energetic. She's got a great personality, but she's had very few lessons in manners. She's crate trained, but not house broken. =P And she pulls like crazy on her leash. I'm really hoping that we'll be able to successfully deal with both problems. She and Jack get along so well. They love to run all over the back yard together, sometimes taking turns chasing each other. And when they're tired, they lay together and nibble each others face. They will often lounge together, wrestle together, and whatever Jack's doing, Morgan's gotta do too. She's a bit "monkey see, monkey do".

Both are pure bred Attention Hounds.

So here's to hoping that our little family is near complete. The only thing I could want is a baby, but all in good time.

I never knew I could love 1 dog so much, let along 2.

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