Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Election Nerves & Broken Feet

I hate election days. I'm a big ball of nerves and have the urge to both puke and run around yelling "Squee!". Though considering I have a broken foot, I can't really run around anyway. Maybe I should just start scootin around in my desk chair. They already think I'm odd here.

While the local election this year isn't "World Changing", it could completely change my world. And I hate that. Let me explain.

So I have been Mr. M's campaign assistant while he seeks a position. I've known Mr. M for nearly 20 years - since I was 10 years old. He's a great guy. Smart, funny, caring, dedicated, and genuinely has the public's interest at heart. I say that not just as Senior Campaign aide, but as a friend and someone who known Mr. M and thinks of him as the brother I never had. If elected, there's the possibility of a position on Mr. M's staff for me. Obviously, he can't outright offer me anything - that would be illegal. But he's indicated to me that he trusts me completely and that he would want me by his side (nothing inappropriate there - he's in a relationship with an AWESOME person). There's the good cahnce of a run-off since there are 6 others vying for this position.

I'm also been filling in for Mr. N's position at his job while he's running for another position (he and Mr. M are not opponents). If elected, there's a good chance I'll be offered this position full time. That would be really nice too. I like it here and feel confident in my skills.

So basically, there's a risk that at the end of tonight, I may realize I no longer have a job of any sort, and it terrifies the crap out of me.

I really want to go throw up. And I'm not sure if it's in the Indocin for my foot or the nerves. I feel completely out of control. I don't like that my career is in the hands of thousands of voters, and I'm even on the friggin ballot!

Broken feet suck too. >=P

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