Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hidden Talents

I discovered a new talent today.  Apparently, I am very capable of splashing my eye with coffee (okay, it's milk with coffee in it) from my klean kanteen bottle (with the squirty top off). 

I have been advised  by a scientist acquaintance that the base quality of the milk neutralized the acid in the coffee, hence no sting.  But the artificial sweetener might harbor some bacteria that could cause an eye infection in a few days. 

Oh joy. 

On an unrelated note - I may be driving to San Antonio solo tomorrow afternoon.  The husband was supposed to join me for a weekend trip to my sister's, but he is feeling under the weather and would make a very poor travel companion.  My father has gone "Jewish Mother" on me (his words) and is a little freaked out that I would make the 3 hours trip alone.  I've sat in Chicago traffic longer than that.  I reassured him I'd check my tire pressure before leaving, get a full tank of gas, call him upon leaving and arriving, and that my GPS marked all the gas stations and I have road side assistance through my insurance and Toyota.  I told him that by being a Jewish Mother (we are not Jewish), he raised me right so he didn't have to worry, but that I knew he would anyway. 

I should note that my mother offered to caravan with me, as she and a friend are going to San An to see her brother the same evening.  But I'd rather make the trip on my own schedule instead.  A little solo time and independence does the soul good.