Friday, October 14, 2011

Fagor Pressure Cooker, how I love thee. Let me count the ways

After watching copious amounts of "Good Eats," we got a 4 quart Fagor pressure cooker over the weekend. The inaugural dish was Beef Stroganoff. Holy cow that was amazing!!! I can't believe it took under 45 minutes from prep to plate! And it was TASTY too. I think "BS" will be a regular dish at Chez Nish in the future.

So now I'm scouring Food Network for more recipes as I know I will quickly exhaust the teeny tiny recipe book that came with the pot. One of the included recipes if Boef Bourgingon, which is definitely on my list of "musts."

Maybe I'll even don high heels and a pearl necklace and channel my inner Julia Child. Bon apetit!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Job

I started a new job nearly 2 months ago. I'm in a MUCH better place here. My job at the HA was being eliminated slowly - first we're not going to be proactive with media anymore. Then the Annual Report for 09/10 was cancelled (per the new Head Dimwit, "I wasn't here, so why should we do it?" Um, because it shows continuity in projects and fiscal matters; because it honors the accomplishments of the staff; oh, and because we promised the Board we'd do one). Then my boss was let go (I think the Dimwit had it out for him from Day 1). And then I was taken off assisting the Non Profit. The writing was on the wall. Plus, I had serious ethical concerns about some major staffing changes. The new Dimwit though a bigger office on the 4th Floor would make me happy? HAHAHAHAHAH!

So now I'm at my local Democratic Party HQ, in a much tinier office, with part time volunteer support staff and I love it! I am learning something new every day (sometimes a whole lot of somethings). I'm challenged intellectually. I'm honing skills and talents. I'm learning new skills (like how to manage people).

Downsides? No benefits, so even though I'm making the same amount, COBRA's eating a large chunk (and I had to drop Ed from coverage). And I'm putting in a lot more hours. Oh, and I may only be here for a few months because the current chair isn't seeking re-election. So the new chair may not ask me to stay on (though the only person who's filed paperwork to be a chair gets along with me very well, but still). Oh, and it's really high stress.

BUT, this is excellent experience. This one of those jobs that can define the rest of my career. And I admit it, I get warm fuzzies that I'm making a meaningful contribution to a cause I feel deeply about.

Now, if I could just figure out a way to tell people "There is only 1 of me!!!!! I cannot do everything in 1 friggin day! If you want better articles in the newsletter, you take it on! If you want the website 100% up to date with more features and resources, you are welcome to have it! And no, I cannot make every single club meeting!!! That's MY time and I'd like to spend it with my husband!"

*sigh* Guess what, I'm hanging out at the office after hours for a clubs meeting.