Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Post Election Exhaustion, Liquid Life, and Doggy Decisions

Good news: Mr M didn't lose. Bad News: He didn't really win either. He's in a runoff. And Mr N lost.

So I don't really know what's going on with my job. I really like it here and I want to stay, but I will gracefully leave my post if required and save my crying, kicking, screaming, mitching & boaning for when I get home.

And I'm utterly exhausted. This is what I hate about campaigns (other than the fear of defeat). I was up way too late watching the outcomes. And donating blood probably didn't help either. But donate I must, for I Committed For Life.

I like donating blood. I get to lay down for a few minutes and let gravity and my pulse do all the work. I get some juice and a snack, it's a great excuse for an awesome breakfast, and it just makes me feel like a good person. I wasn't able to donate for a few years do to some body art, but I'm happy I can donate again and hope to donate regularly. My phlebotomist was great. All smiles, very gentle, and fun to chat with. Oh, and I earn points too so I can get a T-shirt, a water bottle, an umbrella, etc. But mostly, I just like doing something good.

Today is also the big decision about the new dog, "Morgan". On one hand, I really want to keep her. She's got a great personality and gets along wonderfully with our current dog, Jack. On the other, she's not fully house broken. But to me, that's "fixable." It's a matter of training and my Aunt C's got lots of experience with house training rescue dogs. I just don't think I want to "trade her in" for a house trained dog with a lackluster or poor personality match to us. She's a touch "over enthusiastic" (I wouldn't say hyper), but I think that's the excitement of being in our home. A lot of things are still very new to her. As the new becomes familiar, I'm confident she'll mellow out. Jack mellowed out quite a bit and looks like a giant lump of coal in comparison to her sometimes. But that could also be fatigue from playing with Mo so much.

UPDATE: Mo was returned. Long story short: Jack's a wimp and wouldn't assert his position over her when she started showing dominance. She's still a great dog, and the foster Mom is confident she'll find a good Forever Home, but it will be as an "only" dog or as part of pack that's equally assertive.

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