Friday, October 30, 2009


The best thing about anticipation is the excitement. The worst part is the wait. It can be both fun and excruciatingly frustrating at the same time. (anyone with problems, um, making a complete "word" in "scrabble" knows what I'm talking about)

Right now, I'm watching the clock. I'm willing it to be 5pm. And yet no matter how hard a try to impose my will on time, 5 doesn't come any faster.

I'm also on pins & needles waiting to find out of my Ex-Hubby, Kilt-Boy, is coming over for dinner. He's in town doing an inventory run for a vendor friend at TRF, and since we parted somewhat amicably (what point is there in making it nasty when there's no money, no property, and no children?), I'd love to see how he's doing, catch up, laugh, and he can see the cats (ok, so they were the closest thing to a valuable to argue over, but I let him keep the furniture and the fish!). Kilt-Boy arrived at the Festival grounds safely, but he's having car trouble and the mud's nightmarish out there. So dinner may be a no-go.

Tomorrow morning is the biggy. We bring the new girl home for a test run! We're picking up Mocha, a gorgeous mix-breed rescue dog. We're keeping her with us through Wednesday evening to see if she's a good fit for our household. We've already got a second crate and Jack has lots of toys that he's not interested in, so we're pretty much set for her. I really hope she works out. She's very sweet, playful, loves the water, and with some more Poochy-etiquette training will make a great family member and hiking companion. We're not sure how old she is, but she's too calm to be a puppy and too healthy to be of a significant age. So we're guessing 2-3 years.

Oooh look! It's 5pm! I'm outta here!

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