Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oooh, a blank page

Blank pages are tough. I never know just what I should fill them with. The obvious for a very first post on a brand spanking new blog would be a little background as to the why I'm starting a blog.

1) It's good therapy to write.

2) I enjoy reading other blogs.

3) (and this is strange) my Mom says I'm a talented writer when it comes to stream of consciousness. (told you it was strange)

So maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to work some of my own drama out and entertain any readers at the same time.

The next obvious topic for a first post is a little background on me. First, the title: I've had a few major moves in my life, and sometimes I get a little confused trying to remember which geographic region of the US I'm in. Sometimes I have a really strange accent blending an odd concoction of Gulf Coast speech patterns with the nasal twist of the Chicago suburbs (or the reverse of each - yeah, Chicagoans would get really confused by that). Sometimes I even get confused as to which HOUSE I'm in when I wake up in the morning. Am I in one of my many dorm rooms in college? Am I at my parents' house? Am I at our old house on Lake Michigan? No, I'm at the new house, and there's a big dog trying to lay on top of me.

I'm in my late 20's, divorced and still good friends with my Exhusband, and living less than a mile from my parents & childhood home. My darling Ed and I met back in the Chicago area just over 3 years ago. He's my Sweet Pattootie, and I'm his Little One - yet I'm nearly half a foot taller than he is. He was offered a very good job down here in Houston with the county, and since I'd lost my job (thank you real estate market!), and his company seemed to on the verge of collapsing from poor management and apathy, it was a good time to move. I brought 2 fat cats to the relationship, and we recently acquired a Black Lab/Pit mix who's the weirdest Lab and wimpiest Pit I've ever met. 4 months later and we're still trying to teach him to fetch. He doesn't care for water. And he gets spooked very easily by car horns, thunder, the weird guy on the next block, inflatable Halloween displays, and people putting out their garbage or recycling whom we encounter on our daily walks. We hope to add a second dog to the family soon and will be hosting one this weekend on a trial run.

The third obvious topic is what do I want from this blog. Right now I'm kinda jonesing to learn about this "Blog Roll Topic O'The Week." It would at least give me something to think and write about. Mostly, I'm just hoping that my online friends from another site (whose rules are something reminiscent of fight club - first rule is not to talk about it on other sites) will find me here and enjoy my non-other site thoughts.

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