Monday, March 29, 2010

The Garden is here!!!

To date, we have planted:

In the bed
12 pepper plants - 4 varieties of bell peppers, 3 plants each (purple, green/red, orange, and yellow)
6 yellow squash
6 zucchini, 3 pickling cucumbers*
3 slicing cucumbers
room for 9 okra plants from Pops and maybe some onions.

On the deck
12 seed potatoes in "grow bags"
3 cherry tomatoes (each a different variety - Ping Pong Pink, Matt's Wild Cherry, and Sweet 100) and 1 paste tomato (Amish paste) in upside down planters
3 Brandywine tomatoes in a container
3 Burpee's Big Boy in a container
*we also have one pickling and one slicing cuke that will go into upside down planters

The herb area
2 stevias/sweet leafs
2 Pesto basil plants
2 Italian flat leaf arsley plants
Chives in a container
Catnip - survived from last year
Arp rosemary - also survived from last year
2 pots of aloe - rescued from Sissy last year

This evening I need to work on the front flower beds. There’s gonna be a whole lotta transplantin’ going on! Mexican heather into the beds, geraniums into the Mex Heather's former pots, 1 boston fern into the shady part of the bed and a Butterfly Weed into that pot (then back to the deck), plus some caladiums and fox tail ferns and 2 more Butterfly weeds into the beds.

I am SO thankful I don't have to mow, edge, & blow. Salvador's crew do an awesome job of that for me!

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